Thursday, September 23, 2010

New Beyonce single in 3 weeks!

Speaking on Twitter, producer Los Da Mystro (most notable for his work with Chris Brown) last night tweeted:

Sidenote: For any in doubt about the ‘B’ the hit-maker refers to, he added when bombarded by understandably excited Beyonce fans:

All i can say i Ladies yall got anither Athem!! RT @Beyoncelite: @LOSDaMystro Is it a BIG record like the sound of it?!! {Source}
Going on to address his suggestion of the single debuting in 3 weeks:

That’s what they sayn now.. But it is the music Business. could b sooner r lata..RT @BKjaYNOW: @Cory162 na cuz @LOSDaMystrosaid 3 weeks!!!! {Source}