Monday, April 4, 2011


We can now look forward to the song the as-of-yet unsigned Rebecca Black has been cooking up in the studio and plans to release soon as her 2nd single. The song is rather aptly titled "LOL" and is composed of such engaging lyrics as "BFF you make me LOL".

Within a matter of days the 13 year old California native  has gone from complete obscurity to international fame, thanks to her breakthrough "hit" single/internet meme "Friday". Every major outlet is reporting on her, she has made appearances everywhere from ABC News to Leno, and other celebs are all speaking about her for some extra free publicity. Hell, even Miley Cyrus has been trying to drum up a mini-feud with the would-be starlet. All this whilst having supposedly killed herself (according to another lame yet strangely virulent internet rumor).

As for "Friday" (the "song"), it has the distinction of soaring up the US Billboard Hot 100 charts to #58 with a mere 12 spins (12!!!) on US radio. It was immediately made available in digital form worldwide and has so far charted officially in America (#58), Canada (#61), UK (#60, #6 on Indie charts), Ireland (#46), Australia (#40) and New Zealand (#33), garnering attention and airplay even father afield in countries as diverse as Sweden and Brazil. In two weeks, it has sold 87,000 copies - a respectable figure that even many well known chart stars are unable to match nowadays. (Christina Aguilera we're looking at you).

Despite all this commercial success, the star's mother insists that she is yet to receive "a dime from anywhere" - despite Forbes estimating that Ark Music will have easily pocketed in excess of $20,000 through YouTube's revenue-sharing programm and as much as $1 million from iTunes digital sales. It is currently being alledged that, to add insult to injury, Ark Music have not fulfilled their contract, leading Rebecca and her family to sue them for unlawful exploitation of publicity rights and copyright infringement.

Looking at this from all possible points of view, "LOL" is without a doubt the most fitting description.
No word yet on whether Fat Usher and the goofy friends will be making returns or not.
Kudos to Rebecca, her family and Ark Music for playing their hands very well and cashing in big-time.

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