Monday, April 11, 2011


In the past few hours more and more news on Beyoncé's upcoming new single - expected at the end of this month - has surfaced.

The music video for the track - titled "Girl" - has already been shot and is currently being finalized. It was directed by none other than Francis Lawrence (Constantine, I Am Legend, and awesome music videos such as Bad Romance, Slave 4 U, etc.). The perfect director to give life to a song described as THE dark-urban an them of the year.

The song kicks off with a dark Sleigh Bells, dubsteppy intro with some weird chanting. Drums kick in and Beyoncé starts the hook: "Girl! WHO RUN THE WORLD? Girl! We run this MOTHA! GIRL! WHO RUN THIS MOTHA? GIRL!"

There's a weird, goofy B-section that loops in the song, where Beyoncé is harmonizing with herself; the track also features Beyoncé rapping.

The song is crazy!

The song is described as an anthem, a weird tribal-dark-urban banger, with vocals ranging from "Telephone" and "Diva" verse-style to various weird vocal effects, created by producers playing with pitch. It samples the tune "Pon De Floor", already sampled by various other artists.

We can't wait!

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