Monday, April 4, 2011


OH SNAP! After holding back for months, Nicki Minaj has finally stepped up and put out a full diss to her rap nemesis and inspiration Lil Kim. Forget the indirect insults of yesteryear - Nicki does NOT hold back and calls Kimmy out directly, nicknaming her Raggedy Anne and calling her a tragic parody.

The diss is a snippet from a full track on Lil Wayne's upcoming album, The Carter IV; judging from the lyrics we suspect it might be the rumoured track "Anne", Wayne's would-be sequel to Eminem's classic "Stan", a song about a deranged obsessive fan. The final track will be a Hit-Boy and Boi-1da collaboration.

One can only wonder what happened that made them go from posing together in the picture below to beefing like two trannies sharing a street corner.

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