Thursday, June 9, 2011

NEW MUSIC: Michelle Williams (of Destiny's Child) - On The Run

After a successful streak on stage starring on Color Purple, Chicago and What My Husband Doesn't Know, Michelle Williams has flown out to Europe to commence her new album era. Best known as one third of the top-selling girl group of all time Destiny's Child, Michelle finished recording the track in Germany, before flying out to Ibiza to shoot the music video for new single "On The Run". 

"On The Run" serves as the first single from her as-of-yet untitled fourth studio album, the follow-up to her mainstream debut with "Unexpected", which spawned two #1 dance hits. (Her first two solo projects were chart-topping Gospel albums). 

Out with bandmate and BFF Kelly Rowland in London
It turns out Michelle's new single is a reworked version of a song by a certain Kasia Nova. With Michelle having blown us all out of the water with her mainstream debut "Unexpected" (which was, unfortunately, terribly mismanaged and promoted, but musically perfect) I am THRILLED that she is sticking to the electro-dance sound that suits her so well. Watch Michelle's behind-the-scenes at the video shoot and listen to the Kasia Nova version below: 

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