Monday, June 27, 2011

NEWS: Michael Jackson's Thriller jacket auctioned

The King of Pop's iconic red and black "Thriller" jacket was auctioned - alongside other memorabilia from the likes of Madonna, Beatles and Elvis Presley - at this weekend's Julien's auction in Beverly Hills, California. 

The jacket, famously donned by the late Michael Jackson in his "Thriller" music video, went for the figure of $1.8 million - many times more than the estimated bid of $200,000 to $400,000. According to CNN, part of the proceeds will go towards the Shambala Preserve where Jackson's two Bengal tigers, Thriller and Sabu, have been living the past five years. 

Continuing (from CNN): "The jacket had been given to Dennis Tompkins and Michael Bush, the singer's longtime costume designers, to use as a reference for concert performances of the "Thriller" song. It includes an inscription to them on the jacket's lining, and the sleeve is signed, "Love Michael Jackson." (...)

The jacket wasn't the only piece of history from the late King of Pop that was part of the auction. The signature fedora Jackson wore during his Bad Tour was sold for $16,250, a handwritten note to friend Elizabeth Taylor went for $5,625 and a signed pillowcase fetched $3,584. And a bidder paid out $330,000 -- more than 10 times what Julien's had expected to get -- for one of the famous, shiny, crystal-covered gloves that Jackson wore during the 1980's. (...)

Other pieces of history, from other members of music royalty, were also featured at the auction. While gold records and instruments were common items, others were more practical -- like Frank Sinatra's boots (selling for $2,500) and his 1986 Jaguar car ($19,000) as well as the U.S. Army-issued sewing kit of Elvis Presley's that went for $1,536. 

The King of Pop's closest competition at the auction was the Beatles, which had a number of items for sale. A signed postcard from Liverpool's finest sold for $5,504 and Paul McCartney's bass guitar fetched $14,080. But oft-diminished drummer Ringo may have gotten the last laugh, with the cape he wore in the movie "Help!" selling for $37,500 -- about five times the estimate". []

Jackson's latest (second posthumous) album release "Michael" has spawned three singles in "Hold My Hand", "Hollywood Tonight" and "Behind The Mask" and shipped 3 million copies worldwide since it's release last December. 

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