Friday, February 10, 2012

FREE DOWNLOAD: Encore - Bread & Butter Mixtape

Using the link below, sign up for their mailing list and download for free the new mixtape from "2012's hottest urban boy band" Encore. Of the trio, Mark is himself an accomplished singer-songwriter, with credits including Tinie Tempah and Chipmunk; Pierre went to school with Dizzee Rascal and Tinchy, whilst Cairo was a name on the acoustic soul live scene before joining the group.
The boys have toured with Jessie J, Tinchy Stryder and N-Dubz and are currently co-writing a future single with chart-topping rapper and N-Dubz frontman Dappy. Their new single, "Fun Last Night" is out February 10th and can be seen below. There's no doubting the boys' good looks and great talent, but they're going to have to come a lot harder than this JLS B-side reject if they want to forge a decent career and fanbase for themselves.


And now see them singing something actually worthy of their talents, bloody frickin' fantastic:

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