Saturday, February 11, 2012

FREE DOWNLOAD: Jackie Scott - Don't Mess With Me

"Don't Mess With Me" is the latest from electro-pop singer Jackie Scott (that's the girl above looking a bit like a lighter skinned Blu Cantrell). It's produced by producer and remixer Ligor Magal and is taken from her upcoming EP.

"Drawing influences from Britney Spears, she shared Gaga's global success was the ultimate motivatin she needed to get in the studio and finally work on her debut album."

In reality the track is more Kesha than Britney or Gaga; in fact it's almost a play by play remake of the former's hit "Sleazy".Where it not for "Sleazy", I'd say this is pretty darn good - especially for an up&coming unsigned artist. It's still an enjoyable listen, but unless exceptionally executed blatant rehashes such as this one tend to leave a bad after taste in my mouth.

Still, fans of unfiltered trash-pop will find it a worthy addition to their music library. Stream and download below:

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