Saturday, February 11, 2012

MUSIC VIDEO: Brianna Perry - Marilyn Monroe

Thanks to ProphetBlog for posting this, because daaaaaaaaaang!

Brianna Perry, otherwise Brianna The Young Rich Bandit,  first became known as a nine year old, featuring on rapper Trina's highly acclaimed "Diamond Princess" album. She spent a few years signed to Missy Elliot's Atlantic imprint, before moving to Poe Boy Entertainment and Atlantic Records . Traces of Missy's influence permeate her work but she's got a swag all her own too. 

Her debut single is "Marilyn Monroe", produced by a certain Lamb - the man behind Beyoncé's "Countdown" and without THE in-demand hip-hop producer of 2012 (he had better be!). This girl has got bars for days: as Prophet quotes: "Yo it's suicide, they OD/I'm a knockout, KOD/Baby I'm the shit, toilet stopped up/And I don't stink, I'm a show stopper/ Pretty girl rock, call it Keri Hilson / Fontainebleau, we gon' do the Hilton/ Pretty girl Bri, bitch I'm worth a zillion."

Brianna's currently in the studio with Missy, Pharell Williams and Lamb working on her debut record. There's a new, yet veteran, girl on the block - and all others WILL deal.


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