Saturday, February 11, 2012

NEWS IN: Selena Gomez announces split from The Scene

Surprisingly talented Popstress and "Selena Gomez & The Scene" frontwoman Selena Gomez has just announced on her official Facebook page: "Just to clear up my last instagram post, my band and I are going our separate ways for a while. This year is all about films and acting and I want my band to play music wherever with whoever. We will be back but, it will be a good while. I love them and I love you guys :)"

The prospect of no new music from Selena And The Scene for "a good while" (which translates to aeons in the world of Pop) is daunting to say the least, especially when they have provided us with such delicious Pop gems like the ones below :'(

One can only hope The Scene will be pushed by the label to put out their own album, with another vocalist, whilst Selena contributes a song or two to the soundtracks of whatever movies she puts out.

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