Tuesday, February 7, 2012

MUSIC VIDEO: Erick Morillo & Eddie Thoneick feat. Skin (of Skunk Anansie) - If This Ain't Love

I was awed by Skin when I first saw her perform on television in the early 2000s; CD:UK or Top Of The Pops, can't remember which. I'm still awed by her look, by her voice, by her ferocity now. It's truly lamentable that her solo career never took off in the way it deserved to - her biggest solo hit was her debut "Trashed", which peaked at #30 in the UK charts back in 2003. Despite 4 million records sold worldwide with Skunk Anansie, which reunited for Wonderlustre in 2010, the group haven't had a hit since 1999, so what follows isn't all too surprising: namely, a Sia-esque feature on a generic of-the-moment electro-house track.

I could care less about "selling out" - from the moment you sign a record deal you've "sold out". She certainly isn't any less amazing or talented as before - if she's getting money, that's what matters. And if a new generation of fans are going to discover her thusly, even better. 

Unfortunately the unique quality of her vocals is completely diluted in the track, but the GET MONEY BITCH! principle rightfully overrides such considerations. 

Video's not too bad, below:

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