Monday, February 13, 2012

WATCH: The 54th Grammy Awards Performances

grammy 2012 Grammy Awards 2012: Performances   *Updated*

Thanks to ThatGrapeJuice

Watch the main (that is, non-mind-numbingly boring) performances from last night's 54th Grammy Awards ceremony, which drew in an audience in excess of 40 million. The huge ratings were most likely due to almost universal antecipation for the last-minute Whitney Houston tribute - from which confirmed performer Chaka Khan (for whom Whitney had once sang back-up) withdrew last minute. The highlight performance of the night was black Lady Gaga wannabe   Nicki Minaj and her see how I'm controversial and offensive performance of new track Roman's Holiday; a highlight not so much from being fantastic, but for being the single truly engaging performance of the night (tribute excepted). 

Check 'em below:

Bruno Mars:

Chris Brown:

Kelly Clarkson

Alicia Keys (Etta James Tribute)

Rihanna and Coldplay

Katy Perry


Jennifer Hudson

Nicki Minaj - The Exorcism of Roman/Roman's Holiday

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