Friday, March 2, 2012

MUSIC VIDEO & REMIXES: Conor Maynard - Can't Say No

"Can't Say No" is the first official release from Conor Maynard, the latest would-be English Justin Bieber/male Jessie J. You know you're dealing with a real bad boy with some highly serious swag when he starts talking gangster like "Some girls are naughty, some girls is sweet". As he hosts his uber-fun house part, Maynard proceeds with other, similarly inane lyrics over a thumping yet subtle hip-hop beat,

As despicable as young Maynard's video banter (see this post) and attempts at "swag" are, I hate to admit this has and continues to grow on me. All we need now is a remix featuring Fugative and I'll be entirely d-o-n-e done! 

Anyways, it's evident Maynard is one of his label's big bets for the new year. Check out the music video and remixes courtesy of Document One, Lazy Jay (of "I'mma ruin you cunt" fame) and Drums of London below:

Document One:

Lazy Jay:

Drums Of London:

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