Friday, February 26, 2010

Rihanna's fifth studio album on its way!!

It’s no secret that pop star Rihanna has been in and out of the studio recently recording new music, but it’s been unclear exactly what the new music is intended for. Now to help clear up some of the confusion pop websites Neon Limelight and Johnny Ikon are both reporting that they’ve received exclusive word that Rihanna is NOT planning to rih-release her latest album Rated R, and is instead working on a whole new album due for release this Summer.

While the source at Def Jam tells Ikon the quick push to release a new album is because “Ri wants to get across that she’s moved on from the dark period she was in when recording the ‘Rated R’ songs,” our source says that’s only part of the reason. The label is said to be unhappy with Rated R’s current performance. The album has been certified platinum in the United States and has had two top 10 singles with another, the snappy island-flavored “Rude Boy,” moving up the charts quickly, but it appears it hasn’t yet lived up to the label’s big projections or massive investments.

Our source says “Rude Boy” will likely be Rated R’s final single with the new album and tour taking priority after promotion ends. {Source 1}
Asked about what we should expect from Rihanna’s new album, my insider continued: “Ri wants to get across that she’s moved on from the dark period she was in when recording the ‘Rated R’ songs. So expect more upbeat, dance tunes, similar to ‘Don’t Stop the Music’ and ‘Disturbia’. {Source 2}
David Guetta and Ne-Yo have both already confirmed that they’ll be working with Rihanna on new music, and RiRi herself told MTV last week that her next album will have more “energetic, up-tempo pop records”.

Rated R was only released towards the end of November last year, but releasing a new album so soon won’t be a first for Rihanna since her first three albums all came out within about a year of each other.