Monday, March 15, 2010

Alphabeat disses Lady Gaga

As most of the world love Lady GaGa it seems the dutch band Alphabeat who opened for her Monster Ball Tour in the U.K and Ireland aren't to happy with her and the way they were treated on her tour.
According to the Daily Star, Anders SG the lead male of the group, claimed that the Lady GaGa had failed to socialise with them the whole time they were on the road as her support act.
He also said that she rehearsed so much that they (Alphabeat) got no time to rehearse or do a sound check here is what he said on this matter..

"The first time we got to see the stage was when we performed each night, She said, 'I promise you'll get your ', but we never did"

I say that they need to relax, they were only an opening act is it not obvious that Lady GaGa is massive and has been rumored to be a workaholic so who can blame her for wanting to rehearse allot when she had to perform for 2 hours where as Alphabeat only 20minutes.