Monday, April 19, 2010

Ciara goes in on Keri Hilson on a song she didn't want you to hear!

I’m sure you all remember when Keri Hilson supposedly dissed her fellow R&B singers Ciara and Beyonce in her “Turnin’ Me On” remix, and then backtracked and denied it right?

Well Ciara sure as hell remembers, and she she addresses directly in her new buzz song “Basic Instinct (U Got Me)”. Unfortunately CiCi decided to censor that part in the just released viral video for the song, but luckily The Prophet has an exclusive listen of the original version of the track that she never wanted you to hear.

I let ya in the game free / shorty whole album sound just like me/ Say you weren’t talkin’ bout me, but I know that you was talkin’ bout me!

Ciara changed the line to something a little less scandalous, but I think she should stick to the original. She is telling the truth after all! [SOURCE]