Saturday, April 16, 2011


It has been an eventful twenty-four hours for Gaga's monsters. As hyped built up for the premiere of highly anticipated new single JUDAS, the song leaked, bit by bit, onto the net, "forcing" the star to "prematurely" release the song on iTunes. In a similar fashion, pictures and finally a HQ of the new album's cover crashed into the interweb. As always, everything Gaga does excites plenty of discussion, and fans and spectators alike did not hold back on their varied criticism and praise of both the song and cover.

Expectedly, the song rapidly rocketed to the top of iTunes charts all around the globe.

Some say the cover is so bad that it can only be a prank from Gaga. Others say Gaga would never do such a thing. Still others think it sexy, avant-garde, rock&roll. And now the latest rumour is that the cover is part of an elaborate plan - Gaga's embodying of the Biblical Judas and actively betraying her fans by leaking both the song and a fake cover. The rumour is abetted by Gaga's comment "THE REAL JUDAS: HE'S EVERYWHERE, NOW. DON'T STOP UNTIL HE'S YOURS" on a picture in which she can be seen in the reflection.

What do you think? Come on in and let us know!

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