Wednesday, April 6, 2011


There has been much speculation and uncertainty over the official tracklisting of Jennifer Lopez's upcoming (April 29 Europe, May 3 USA) comeback album, "Love?", especially given the star's change of label half-way through the recording process.

We bring to you the confirmed and rumoured tracks which will make up the album's Standard (12 track) and Deluxe editions.

As of now, Jenny's two previous singles, "Loubotins" and "Fresh Out The Oven" (Feat. Pitbull) have been left out due to copyright issues with her previous label (who still owns the rights to the songs).

The confirmed producers on the project are RedOne, Lady Gaga,  Stargate, Tricky Stewart, The-Dream, Danja, D-Mile, and RADIO.

Confirmed writers include recording artists Lady Gaga, Taio Cruz & Wynter Gordon.

The confirmed features are all drawn from the Urban music A-list: Pitbull, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross & The-Dream.

Lead single "On The Floor" - currently topping charts worldwide - and US Urban release "I'm Into You" will be followed by the digital releases of "Papi" (April 19) and "Love?" (April 26) as part of the iTunes countdown to the album's release. 

In no particular order, the confirmed tracks are:

1. On The Floor (Feat. Pitbull[Lead single]  (prod. by RedOne)
2. Papi (prod. by RedOne)
3. Charge Me Up (prod. by RedOne)
4. Hypnotico (prod. by RedOne, co-written by Lady Gaga)
5. Invading My Mind (prod. by RedOne & Lady Gaga)
6. I'm Into You (Feat. Lil Wayne) [2nd single] (prod. by Stargate, co-written by Taio Cruz)
7. Another Stargate track - likely "Story Of My Life"
8. Good Hit [promo single] (prod. by Tricky Stewart & The-Dream)
9. Run The World (Feat. The-Dream & Rick Ross) (prod. Tricky Stewart & The-Dream)
10. One Love - updated production wise, but with same lyrics + melody (prod. D-Mile)
11. Love? (previously titled WHAT IS LOVE?)
12. Until It Beats No More (prod. by RADIO)
13. Starting Over (prod. by Danja)

Other likely tracks:

Ven A Bailar (Spanish language version of On The Floor) [Bonus]
What Is Love? (Part II) (prod. by Jean-Baptiste)
This Cannot Be Love - written by Rodney Jerkins, Michaela Shiloh & Thomas Lumpkins
Everbody's Girl - cancelled single from original album (prod. by Mike Caren)
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