Wednesday, April 6, 2011


With the emancipation of her two babies due at the end of this month, Mariah Carey has decided to share with Life & Style private photos of her pregnancy's final days. She confirms that she is carrying a boy and a girl (in case there was still any confusion) and affirms that they will look just like father, former rapper and TV presenter Nick Cannon.

Lambs (the affectionate nickname given by Mariah to her fans) worldwide are holding on tight for news of the twins' birth, after which Mimi will join (former?) rival J-Lo as Hollywood's top leading mom, being set to join the judging panel of US X-Factor AND release her final studio album with Def Jam. All of this still in 2011.

One can only hoped that the twins' debut album is pushed back to 2012 to allow their mother ample time to promote her own projects first.

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