Wednesday, April 20, 2011


With urban music dominated by electro-fusion songs, and even Beyoncé's latest serving being far from universally praised, there has been some serious questioning over the future of urban music. Thankfully, Khia Shamone - also known as the Queen of the South, Miss My Neck My Back, Thugmisses, Motor Mouf, etc. - has taken it upon herself to step out and show the lesser girls how you do real R&B.

"So Addicted" is the second official single from upcoming double album "Khia Shamone AKA Motor Mouf" and showcases the "Khia Shamone" (R&B) side of things, akin to lead single "Been A Bad Girl" (peep the video below). The song is the tamer sister of previous hit "Be Yo Lady" and is written and produced by Thugmisses herself - Khia's essence is stamped all over it. If you're not familiar with her past discography do not be taken aback when Khia tells it like it is.

If you're a badass hood bitch, you'll like this no doubt.

(Credit to TheProphetBlog)

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Video for sassy lead-single "Been A Bad Girl":