Saturday, April 30, 2011


With her lead single "Run The World (Girls)" plummeting on iTunes and falling at radio at a rapid rate (it has lost some 3 million audience impressions just these past two days) it is rumored that Beyoncé's team have rallied and are now planning to release two further singles prior to album release.

Sources indicate that "Till The End of Time" - previously mentioned in an article by MTV - will be the next single. The track is said to be reminiscent of previous #1 hits "Crazy In Love" and "Déjà Vú" with prominent use of horns. With Beyoncé's past history filled with accusations of copyright infringement/song theft and "Girls" being touted as a rip-off of sampled track "Pon De Floor", going with a single so akin to her past work is definitely a risky move. 

Listen to the snippet below and let us know what you think - another dire disappointment or a return to form?

(Credit to @MartianLeaks for the leak)

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