Thursday, April 28, 2011


After various false starts and delays with launching her solo career, former Pussycat Doll frontwoman Nicole Scherzinger is finally ready to storm the charts on a worldwide scale with her scorching debut solo album "Killer Love"

Already released in the UK, Ireland and other select territories, the album has so far spawned two smash hits, "Poison" and "Don't Hold Your Breath", which have peaked at #3 and #1 in the UK respectively. Furthermore, Nicole's duet with Enriqué Iglesias, "Heartbeat", peaked at #8 there last year and did well elsewhere in Europe and Australia (a remixed version of the track is included in Killer Love). 

Having proved herself as a viable solo artist abroad, Nicole is set to take another - long overdue - stab at the US charts. She recently shot the music video for the island-tinged "Right There", which has been remixed to feature two new verses from 50 Cent. I envision her label are going for the same success Rihanna and Drake enjoyed with "What's My Name?", both songs have a similar sound and appeal. "Right There" is also rumoured to be the next international and UK single from the project .

The remixed track will be pushed as the first single from the US version of "Killer Love" which will feature new songs, a reworked version of previously scrapped fan favourite "Cold" and new remix versions featuring Snoop Dogg, Steve Tyler and (it is rumored) Jay Sean. The new tracks will then be used for the International Deluxe Edition to be released later on in the year tieing-in with UK X-Factor. 

As for the UK, the song "Love Never Dies", from the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical of the same name, has just been serviced to UK radio and will be played as of next week, having been added immediately to BBC Radio 2's C-list. Not sure how that's going to work as the song is not on the album and it's about time another single is announced to keep album sales healthy.

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