Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Quirky British singer Katy B's career continues to go from strength to strength. With her debut album "On A Mission" debuting at #2 on the UK and her first three singles peaking at #2, #5 and #8, she has announced her fourth single release.

The track is called "Easy Please Me" and is co-written and produced by dubstep duo Magnetic Man.
The track has already been C-listed by Radio 1 and is reminiscent of the belated Aaliyah at her best, with a distinctly British twang. It's a great follow-up to her past releases, showing her versatility as an artist. It is currently scheduled for a June 5 release alongside Nicole Scherzinger and Jennifer Lopez. 

I must confess I originally thought Katy B would amount to nothing more than a one or two-hit riding the wave of dubstep's newfound mainstream popularity, but damn! I'm hooked. She effortlessly glides from genre to genre - Dubstep, R&B, House, Garage - with an amazing Pop sensibility that artists dabbling in those genres often lack.

Later on this year Katy will be hitting the road with her first concert tour.

For now you can delight yourself with her new single, which comes highly recommended and can be heard below:

(Credit to Uwe Uzi for the Soundcloud link)

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