Wednesday, August 31, 2011

NEW MUSIC: Frankmusik & Colette Carr - No I.D.

It's no secret I'm a big fan of Interscope/Cherrytree label mates Frankmusik and Colette Carr - he, an English electro-synth-pop multi-talent, she, a white girl singer-rapper from Malibu with wicked sense of style. When their respective lead singles ("Do It In The AM" and "(We Do It) Primo" respectively) premiered earlier this year, I was beyond excited for their upcoming projects. After that, my excitement was somewhat dampened by a number of mishaps and unhappy decisions - AM's radio adds date was pushed back, then cancelled; promo for AM failed to materialize; promo for Primo failed to materialize; Frank's album was pushed back; Frank's label opposed a short UK tour (he did it anyway); Frank's album sampler leaked and he reacted in his characteristic dramatic way threatening to throw himself in front of a car (or something like that, I can't quite remember). Other than the actual music videos, blog features and a few interviews here and there, neither Frank nor Colette got any worthwhile promotion; I believe the general high-point of the year so far has been respectively filling in for Ryan Tedder and Dev performing their respective collaborations with label mates and  personal friends Far East Movement on English television. There were other minor disappointments along the way but I can't quite remember when/what. 

So, overall - things slowed down and got kind of messy; initial buzz and excitement among fans gave way to a morose attitude of wait-and-see how things will pan out.With fellow label mate Natalia Kills debuting on the US charts at #134 with sales just under 3,500, the pressure is on for both Frank and Colette to prove themselves as commercially viable acts in 2011. Cue their collaboration "No I.D.", which will serve as the next single for both and feature on both of their upcoming LP's. Originally a Colette-only rap affair produced by Space Cowboy (Lad Gaga, Nadia Oh), it was reworked by Frank into it's present, insanely catchy pure Pop duet form. 


The music video that will accompany the song has already been shot (expect leather jackets, bikers, rock chick Colette, quiff-sporting Vincent Frank) and will premiere online sometime following the song's September 6th digital release.

Frank's sophomore album "Do It In The AM" is out September 26th and features additional collaborations with Far East Movement and Natalia Kills. Be sure to check out his recent interview with Flop of the Pops and his ALBUM MINIMIX here.

"No I.D." the full song and the Rich Morel remix thereof can be streamed below, courtesy of Interscope's Soundcloud page:

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