Wednesday, February 29, 2012

FREE DOWNLOAD: Katy B - Witches Brew (Diplo Remix)

Foto de Katy B

That Katy B and Diplo are both boss in what they do there's no questioning. Whilst Diplo has become something of a king of ethnic beats and warbling drum freakouts, Katy B has become the poster-child of our day's effortlessly cool fusion-pop (hence all the comparisons to early Sugababes, who played that same role last decade, eventually becoming THE most played artist on UK radio of the whole decade). That the two should work together in any capacity is amazing of itself; fingers crossed this remix is a sign of more to come in future.

Foto de Diplo

In my personal opinion, it's not up quite up to par with the bewitching original edit, but damn good nonetheless. Enjoy and download: 

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