Thursday, March 8, 2012

NEW MUSIC: DBX feat. Amelle Berrabah - God Won't Save You Now

Derivative? Yes. Generic? Yes. Basic? Slightly.

Deliciously addictive? YES.

So far, solo careers of ex/current/future Sugababes haven't amounted to much. The catastrophic reception of Sugababes 4.0's comeback single "Freedom" (which I personally loved) late last year led to the sudden cancellation of the song's official release (it was given away for free) and the indefinite delay of future releases (a new single "Hard" was pencilled in for Feb/March but has now been conveniently laid aside). Apparently the decision at camp Sugababes has been to push Amelle as a solo artist with her own single and collaboration(s), as a way of generating interest in both her own debut solo album and the next Sugababes record (which will be released first is as of yet undetermined).

The first of these solo efforts has already been aptly nicknamed Hold It Against aMelle, thanks to comparisons already being drawn with one of Britney's best singles of recent memory. Real name "God Won't Save You Now", new producer outfit DBX get the main credits, with Amelle appearing only as a featured vocalist (although it might as well be her own solo single, as it seems it'll be pushed as such, so...yeah). 


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