Wednesday, May 19, 2010

2010 World Music Awards winners

Lady Gaga:

World’s Best Single- “Poker Face”
World’s Best Album- “The Fame”
World’s Best Pop/Rock Artist
World’s Best New Artist

Black Eyed Peas:

World’s Best Hip Hop Artist
World’s Best R&B Artist
World’s Best Pop Artist

David Guetta

World’s Best DJ
Producer of The Year

Rest of the winners:

World's Best Rock Artist

Andrea Bocelli
World's Best Classical Artist

Jennifer Lopez
Legend for Outstanding Contribution to the Arts

The Scorpions
Rock Legends

Best Selling Artists from Around the World

Africa: Akon
America: Lady Gaga
Asia: Namie Amuro
Australia: Empire of the Sun
Canada: Michael Bublé
France: David Guetta
Great Britain: Susan Boyle
Ireland: U2
Italy: Tiziano Ferro
Latin America: Shakira
Middle East: Elissa
Scandinavia: Ah-a
Spain: Monica Naranjo