Friday, March 9, 2012

NEW MUSIC: Toni Braxton - I Heart You

Foto de Toni Braxton

"Unbreak My Heart" diva and newfound reality TV star Toni Braxton has finally given fans an insight into the general sound and direction of her new music. Her as of yet untitled album will feature 10 tracks, one of which will be a remix. All or most of the tracks will be dance-influenced, in keeping with current trends, as is evidenced by the first cut to be revealed, "I Heart You".

Whilst the thought of Toni going dance doesn't particularly excite me in the least, I must admit this here track is a winner and successfully marries Toni's honeyed vocals with a radio-friendly, contemporary track that doesn't come across as desperate/try-hard/generic or any of the other pitfalls most late 90s/early 00s acts fall into when jumping aboard the dance bandwagon.

That subtle breakdown at the end is EVERYTHING. 


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